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Updates for 2020

Hello to all! In this strange time we're sending our love out to you and hoping all have what they need to get through this. We were about to begin posting our amazing lineup of folks coming to Arts On The Fly this year, but we’re holding off for a minute to ride this out with everyone. We're proceeding as usual with the hopes that we all get to dance in the sunshine (or thunderstorms) together soon. For now, living room dance parties are fun! Heck, bust out the tickle trunk!

For the sake of sticking as close to our original festival roll-out plans as possible, we've decided to put early-bird tickets on sale as planned (!!). It may seem a tad presumptuous at this point, as everybody's summer plans are currently up in the air, but heck, why not pretend life is carrying on normally in one small way? Grab yours from the top of this page. Of course, if we do end up having to put the festival on hold for this season, ticket-buyers will automatically be reimbursed.

We're paying close attention and are keeping the safety of our community top priority. Stay healthy, safe, and sane, friends. Stay connected, get some exercise, breathe. After the fire scares of 2017, we know that Horsefly has an incredibly supportive and resilient community. If there’s anyway we can be of help, please don't hesitate to reach out.

As you've probably heard this is a very challenging time for artists, any amount of support you can offer is huge. We anticipate some amazing art will come out of this whole experience but in the meantime, here's a Spotify playlist of some of the folks that have graced our stages. It's sure to take you on a journey. Please consider purchasing music directly from these hard working talents! Bandcamp is always a good source of music that pays artists fairly.

Stay tuned and mark your calendars for July 17th and 18th in beautiful Horsefly. Take care of each other.

With Love, The Arts on the Fly Festival Society

Applications Now Open

While booking for the 2020 season is now closed, applications to vend and volunteer are open now! Click the links below to apply.

> > > Vendor Application
> > > Volunteer Application

New Improved Camping

For 2019 we were very excited to introduce new and improved camping, and the reviews are in: it is great. Continuing for the 2020 season, RV and overnight car parking will be in the spawning channel fields, behind the river campground. RVs can rest comfortably in the dappled sunlight of the cottonwood trees, accessible by the first turnoff on the right hand side after the river campground road. Follow the signs and our parking attendants will help you find a spot. The river campground will be used exclusively for tent camping. This will minimize the effects of car traffic in the river zone, and ultimately give everybody a better chance to lock down a primo camp spot. Thanks so much to the Horsefly River Roundtable, DFO, and Interior Roads for helping us ensure that there's room for everyone and that the incredible ecosystems around the Horsefly River are well respected and loved. This is a very special place and we all need to take care of it! Both the river tent campground and the spawning channel RV campground will have dedicated "quiet" and "night owl" sections, to further ensure that all are comfortable.

Where's Horsefly?

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